CANCELLED: Magma 75: the Loss Issue

  • Date:
  • Time: 18.30-20.00
  • Location: Alumni Room School of English

Loss takes many forms – from losing a precious watch to the loss of an important relationship. Loss comes, too, in a spectrum of experiences: the shattering death of a loved one, the loss of a country you’ve had to leave, the loss of a job you enjoyed – right down to the mundane annoyance of losing your phone. In remembering losses, we draw comfort – and in the case of the two World Wars, we also remind ourselves, ‘Never again.’

This event is a passionate collaboration between the University of Leeds and Magma, which gives us a window into the ways that we deal with loss and the way we remember. Together we will celebrate the past, memorialise the lost and look to the future with poems that are beautiful, moving and very much alive.

 Featuring readings from the editors and select contributors of Magma 75: The Loss Issue. Copies of the magazine will also be on-sale.

All welcome. Admission free.