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Emma Trott

Teaching Fellow
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures
School of English

Emma’s research focuses on contemporary poetry and ecopoetics. Currently she is working on a research project on plants and poetry, and organising (with Dr Fiona Becket) an exhibition on visual poetry, ‘Poetry By Design’ (2019). Her PhD thesis drew on the Brotherton Library Special Collections archives of Jon Silkin and Simon Armitage to identify an ecopoetics in the work of each poet, placing them within a context of a post-War Britain defined by environmental, social and cultural instability and rapid change. She has published academic essays on both Silkin and Derek Walcott, with work on Armitage forthcoming. From her time as a postgraduate at Leeds to the present, she has been closely involved with Stand and Poetry & Audience, and with readings, workshops and symposia organised by the Poetry Centre. She is a member of the Environmental Humanities Research Group in the School of English at Leeds.